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Convert Data URI to Image

Data URI to Image converter is a free online tool that allows you to decode or convert a Data URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) representing image data back into a viewable image file. Data URIs are a way to embed image data directly within web documents (such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript) in a text-based format, rather than referencing external image files. A Data URI typically begins with the data: scheme, followed by the image format and Base64-encoded image data.

Here's a simplified example of a Data URI representing a PNG image:



In this example, the Data URI represents an image in PNG format.

A Data URI to Image converter performs the following tasks:

  • Input Data URI: You provide the Data URI as input. This Data URI contains the image data encoded as a string.
  • Conversion Process: The converter decodes the Base64-encoded image data contained within the Data URI.
  • Output Image File: The result of the conversion is a viewable image file (e.g., in PNG, JPEG, GIF format) that can be saved or displayed.

Using a Data URI to Image converter is useful when you encounter Data URIs in web documents and want to extract or view the embedded images. It allows you to convert the Data URI back into an image file that you can work with separately or view in an image viewer.

These converters can be standalone tools, online services, or libraries within programming languages. They are especially helpful for web developers and designers who work with web documents containing Data URIs and need to access the actual image data.

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