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Preview Open Graph Meta Tags | Debugger & Tester

Open Graph Debugger is a free online tool that allows you to preview how a URL will be displayed when shared on social media platforms that support Open Graph meta tags. Open Graph is a protocol introduced by Facebook that allows web pages to provide structured information about their content when shared on social media sites.

Here's how an Online Open Graph Preview Tool typically works:

  1. Input URL: Users enter the URL of the webpage they want to preview. This can be the URL of an article, blog post, or any other type of content.

  2. Fetch Meta Tags: The tool fetches the Open Graph meta tags associated with the provided URL. These meta tags include information such as the title, description, image, and other properties that influence how the content is presented on social media.

  3. Display Preview: The tool then displays a preview of how the URL will appear when shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Users can see how the title, description, and image will be presented to their audience.

This tool is valuable for content creators, marketers, and anyone managing a website, as it help ensure that shared links on social media platforms look appealing and accurately represent the content. It also provide a way to troubleshoot and debug any issues with Open Graph meta tags.

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