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Octal to Decimal Converter

An Octal to Decimal converter is a free online tool used to convert numbers from the octal numeral system to the decimal numeral system.

Here's a brief explanation of each numeral system:

  • Octal (Base-8): Octal is a positional numeral system that uses 8 as its base. It uses the digits 0-7 to represent numbers. For example, in octal, the number 10 is equivalent to the decimal number 8, and the number 20 is equivalent to the decimal number 16.
  • Decimal (Base-10): Decimal is the most common numeral system used worldwide. It uses 10 as its base, with digits 0-9 to represent numbers.

To convert an octal number to decimal, you can use the following steps:

  • Write down the octal number you want to convert.
  • Assign a positional value to each digit in the octal number, starting from the right and increasing by a power of 8 for each position. The rightmost digit is in the 8^0 position, the next digit to the left is in the 8^1 position, the next in the 8^2 position, and so on.
  • Multiply each digit in the octal number by its positional value.
  • Sum up all the products obtained in step 3 to get the decimal equivalent.

Here's an example:

Octal number: 356

  • The rightmost digit is 6, which is in the 8^0 position.
  • The middle digit is 5, which is in the 8^1 position.
  • The leftmost digit is 3, which is in the 8^2 position.

Now, we calculate the decimal equivalent:

  • Decimal = (3 * 8^2) + (5 * 8^1) + (6 * 8^0)
  • Decimal = (3 * 64) + (5 * 8) + (6 * 1)
  • Decimal = 192 + 40 + 6
  • Decimal = 238

So, the octal number 356 is equivalent to the decimal number 238.

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