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Online IP Address Calculator

An IP address calculator is a free online tool that helps you perform various calculations related to IP addresses. IP addresses are used to identify and locate devices on a network, and there are several calculations and conversions that can be useful in networking and system administration. Here are some common calculations and tasks that an IP address calculator can help you with:

  • IP Address Conversion: Convert between different IP address formats, such as from decimal to binary representations.
  • Subnetting: Calculate subnet masks, network addresses, and broadcast addresses for a given IP address and subnet size.
  • CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing): Determine the CIDR notation for a range of IP addresses.
  • IP Address Type Identification: Identify whether an IP address is public or private, and determine its class (A, B, C) for IPv4 addresses.

This network administration tool help you to simplify network configuration and troubleshooting.

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