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Convert Image to Base64

"Image to Base64" refers to the process of converting an image into a Base64-encoded string. Base64 encoding is used to represent binary data, such as images, in a text-based format that can be easily transmitted over the internet or stored in text-based files.

When an image is converted to Base64, each byte of the image's binary data is represented by a sequence of characters from the Base64 character set. This encoded string can be used to embed the image directly into HTML, CSS, XML, or other text-based documents, making it a common practice for including images in web pages and other applications.

The steps involved in converting an image to a Base64-encoded string are as follows:

  • Obtain the binary image data from the image file.
  • Use a Base64 encoder to convert the binary data into a Base64-encoded string.
  • The resulting Base64-encoded string can be used to represent the image in text-based contexts.

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