CSV Tools

A collection of CSV tools that facilitate the conversion, manipulation, validation, and analysis of CSV data.


Convert CSV format to JSON object.


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Convert CSV format into XML data.


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Convert CSV data into YAML format.


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Convert CSV data into SQL query.


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CSV to HTML Table

CSV to HTML Table conversion is the process of transforming data stored in a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format into an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) table structure.


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CSV Diff - CSV Compare

CSV Diff, short for Comma-Separated Values Difference, is a tool used to compare two CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files and identify the differences or changes between them.


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CSV Tools

CSV online tools are services that allow users to perform various operations on CSV (Comma-Separated Values) data directly from a web browser. These tools can include features such as viewing, editing, converting, analyzing, and visualizing CSV data. Users can upload their CSV files to the online platform and use the provided tools to manipulate or analyze the data without the need to install any software locally.

Here are some common functionalities that CSV online tools may offer:

  1. CSV Viewing: Display the contents of a CSV file in a tabular format, making it easy for users to read and understand the data.

  2. CSV Editing: Allow users to make changes to the CSV file, add or remove rows/columns, and edit cell values directly within the web interface.

  3. CSV Conversion: Provide tools for converting CSV files to other formats, such as Excel, JSON, or XML, and vice versa.

    • CSV to JSON Converter: lets you convert CSV data to JSON format.
    • CSV to XML Converter: lets you convert CSV data to XML format.
    • CSV to YAML Converter: lets you convert CSV data to YAML format.
    • CSV to SQL Converter: lets you convert CSV data to SQL format.
    • CSV to HTML table Converter: lets you convert CSV data to HTML table.
  4. CSV Validation: Check the CSV file for errors or inconsistencies, ensuring that it adheres to the standard CSV format.

  5. CSV Analysis: Perform basic data analysis on the CSV file, including statistical summaries, charts, and graphs.

  6. CSV Cleaning: Help users clean and preprocess CSV data by removing duplicates, handling missing values, or transforming the data in various ways.

  7. CSV Explorer: allows you to visualize and analyze CSV data online.

  8. CSVLint: helps you validate and check the syntax of your CSV files.

  9. CSV Diff: helps you compare and check the differences between two CSV files.

These CSV tools collectively support developers, database administrators, and other professionals involved in working with data. The choice of tools depends on specific tasks, preferences, and the type of data being used.

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