Mailto link generator

Mailto link generator

A "mailto" link generator is an online tool that assists users in creating clickable links that, when clicked, open the user's default email client with a new email composition window. These links are typically used on websites or in HTML emails to provide a simple way for visitors to send emails to a specified recipient without having to manually open their email client and enter the recipient's email address.

A "mailto" link is constructed using the "mailto" scheme followed by an email address. For example:

<a href="">Send Email</a>

When a user clicks on this link, their default email client (such as Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail) will open with a new email composition window pre-filled with the recipient's email address.

"Mailto" links can also include other parameters to pre-fill the subject, body, and additional recipients:

<a href="!">Send Email</a>

In this example, the email composition window will have the subject "Hello World," an additional recipient in the CC field, and a pre-filled body of the email.

Mailto link generators simplify the process of creating these links, as they allow users to input the desired email address, subject, body, and other parameters, and then generate the corresponding HTML code for the link. This is particularly useful for non-technical users who want to add contact options to their websites or emails without having to manually write HTML code.

It's worth noting that some users may have web-based email clients or other limitations that might affect the behavior of "mailto" links, so it's important to provide alternative contact methods as well.

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