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Image Rotator is a free online tool that allows you to change the orientation or angle of a digital image. It is commonly used to correct photos that are incorrectly oriented, adjust the composition of an image, or simply change the perspective of a picture for creative purposes. This tool can be found in various image editing software and applications, ranging from simple image viewers to more advanced graphics editing programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Here's how a Rotate Image tool typically works:

  1. Select Image: You start by opening or selecting the image you want to rotate within the image editing software or tool.

  2. Rotation Options: The tool provides various options for rotating the image. These options typically include:

    • 90-Degree Rotations: Rotate the image by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.

    • Free Rotation: Allows you to rotate the image to any desired angle.

    • Flip: You can also flip the image horizontally or vertically, which essentially reverses the image.

  3. Apply Rotation: Once you've chosen the rotation angle or direction, you apply the rotation to the image.

  4. Save Changes: After making the desired rotation, you can save the modified image as a new file or overwrite the original image, depending on your preference.

Common use cases for a Rotate Image tool include:

  • Correcting sideways or upside-down photos.
  • Adjusting the composition of an image to improve its aesthetics.
  • Aligning photos with a particular horizon or vertical line.
  • Creating artistic effects by rotating and combining images in creative ways.

It's important to note that rotating images can result in a loss of quality if done repeatedly or at extreme angles, especially with compressed image formats. For preserving image quality, it's often recommended to work with the highest resolution version of the image and use lossless formats when saving.

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