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An PHP beautifier, also known as an PHP formatter, prettifier or PHP indentation, is a tool that takes raw PHP code and formats it in a more organized and readable way. It makes it far simpler for developers to understand and use the code.

This is not only a beautifier but also a tool that can help you clean and optimize your PHP code.

This tool typically allow you to paste your raw PHP code into a text area, and then they'll reformat the code to make it more readable and well-structured.

Keep in mind that while PHP beautifier can greatly improve code readability, they might alter the indentation and spacing of your code. It's always a good practice to make a backup of your original code before using this tool.

What can you do with PHP Beautifier?

An PHP beautifier is a tool that helps format and organize PHP code to make it more readable and aesthetically pleasing, without changing the functionality of the code. Here's what you can do with an PHP beautifier:

  • Code Formatting: PHP beautifiers reformat your PHP code by applying consistent indentation and line breaks. This makes it easier to visually identify the structure of your code, including nested elements
  • Indentation: Proper indentation improves code readability by visually indicating the hierarchy of elements. Indentation helps developers quickly understand the nesting of blocs and their relationships.
  • Consistent Spacing: PHP beautifier ensure consistent spacing between attributes and values, making your code more organized and consistent.
  • Line Breaks: Properly placed line breaks enhance code legibility. PHP beautifiers intelligently insert line breaks to avoid excessively long lines and make code more readable.
  • Removing Extra Whitespace: PHP beautifiers can eliminate unnecessary whitespace and extra empty lines that don't contribute to the code's structure.
  • Maintaining the comment: If your PHP code includes comments, this PHP beautifier will retain those comments in the formatted code.
  • Standardization: Using a beautifier can help enforce coding standards across a project or a team. This ensures that all team members follow the same formatting guidelines.
  • Readability and Maintenance: Well-formatted code is easier to read and maintain, which can lead to better collaboration among developers and reduced chances of introducing errors during code changes.
  • Learning: For beginners, looking at well-formatted code can provide insights into proper PHP structure and syntax, aiding in the learning process.

Overall, an PHP beautifier is a helpful tool to enhance the quality and readability of your PHP code, making it easier for both developers and collaborators to work with the codebase.

How to beautify PHP Code online?

  1. Open the PHP beautifier tool and Copy and Paste PHP Code into the Editor, highlighting PHP syntax and issues.
  2. If you have an PHP file, you can use the Upload file button to upload your file. You can also upload PHP code with a URL. Click on Import from URL Button and type the URL.
  3. Click on the Submit button once PHP data is available in Editor via Paste, File, or URL.
  4. You will see the PHP formatted code in the Output Editor.

How does PHP beautifier work?

PHP beautifier online uses PHP code to analyse the PHP code and format the PHP data.

Just Paste your PHP code and click Submit button. This tool does not send code to the server for beautifying.

Example of how does PHP beautifier work?

<?php if($user == !NULL{$message = 'Hello '. $user;}else{$message = 'Hello guest';}?>
<?php if($user == !NULL { $message = 'Hello '. $user; } else { $message = 'Hello guest'; } ?>

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