REST API tester is a free online tool used by developers and testers to assess, test, and interact with RESTful (Representational State Transfer) APIs. REST is an architectural style for designing networked applications, and RESTful APIs are commonly used in web development to enable communication between different software systems over the internet.

A REST API tester typically provides various features and functionalities for testing and working with REST APIs, including:

  • HTTP Request Sending: REST API testers allow users to send HTTP requests to specific endpoints of a RESTful API. These requests can include methods like GET (retrieve data), POST (create data), PUT (update data), DELETE (remove data), and more.
  • Endpoint Configuration: Users can specify the API endpoint they want to test and provide any required request headers, parameters, and payloads (e.g., JSON or XML data).
  • Authentication: Many REST APIs require authentication. API testers often support various authentication methods, such as API keys, OAuth tokens, or basic authentication, to ensure secure access to the API.
  • Response Handling: After sending a request, the API tester captures and displays the response from the API. This includes the HTTP status code, headers, and the data payload (typically in JSON or XML format).
  • Data Validation: Testers can verify that the API responses match the expected format and data, helping to ensure that the API behaves as intended.
  • Automation: Some REST API testers support test automation, allowing users to create and run test scripts to automate the testing process, making it easier to perform repetitive tests and regression testing.
  • Environment Management: API testers may allow users to set up and manage different testing environments, such as development, staging, and production, to test APIs in various scenarios.
  • Load Testing: Some advanced API testing tools also offer load testing capabilities, enabling users to simulate a large number of concurrent API requests to assess the API's performance under heavy loads.

Popular REST API testing tools include Postman, Insomnia, RestAssured (for Java-based testing), and tools integrated into integrated development environments (IDEs) like Visual Studio Code.

This tool is crucial for developers and testers to ensure the reliability, functionality, and performance of RESTful APIs in web applications and services. They simplify the process of testing and validating API endpoints, making it easier to identify and resolve issues during development and maintenance.

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