JSON validator & beautifier

JSON validator & beautifier

A JSON validator and beautifier are tools that help you ensure the validity of your JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data and format it in a more human-readable and organized way. JSON is a widely used format for structuring and exchanging data, commonly used in web applications and APIs. Here's what you can do with a JSON validator and beautifier:

  • JSON Validation: JSON validators check whether your JSON data conforms to the syntax and structure rules defined by the JSON specification. They can identify errors such as missing or misplaced braces, brackets, commas, and other syntax issues.
  • Error Detection: A JSON validator can point out specific errors in your JSON data, helping you quickly identify and fix issues that might cause problems when parsing or using the data.
  • Schema Validation: Advanced JSON validators can also validate data against a JSON Schema. JSON Schema is a specification for defining the structure, format, and validation rules of JSON data. This ensures that the data follows a predefined structure and meets certain validation criteria.
  • JSON Beautification/Formatting: JSON beautifiers reformat your JSON data to make it more readable and structured. They add indentation, line breaks, and consistent spacing, making it easier for humans to understand the JSON structure.
  • Minification: In contrast to beautification, there is also an option to minify JSON data. This removes unnecessary whitespace and formatting to reduce the size of the JSON payload, which can be useful for network efficiency.
  • Array and Object Formatting: This JSON beautifiers can format arrays and objects in a way that visually represents their nesting levels, helping you visualize the hierarchy of your data.
  • Color Coding: This online JSON beautifiers provide syntax highlighting, color coding, which makes it easier to distinguish between keys, values, and other JSON elements.
  • Error Context: When errors are detected, this tool provide you information to help you.

You can find JSON validator and beautifier tools online or as plugins/extensions for various code editors and IDEs. Here are a few popular options:

  • Online Beautifier: Websites like JSON Beautifier (https://tools.waytolearnx.com/json-validator-beautifier) allow you to paste your CSS code and get a minified version.
  • Text Editors and IDEs: Many code editors and integrated development environments offer built-in JSON formatting features or plugins that allow you to validate and beautify JSON code.

Using this tool can save you time and effort by ensuring your JSON data is correctly structured, valid, and presented in a clean and readable format.

How to beautify JSON Code online?

  1. Open the JSON beautifier tool and Copy and Paste JSON Code into the Editor.
  2. If you have an JSON file, you can use the Upload file button to upload your file. You can also upload JSON code with a URL. Click on Import from URL Button and type the URL.
  3. Click on the Submit button once JSON data is available in Editor via Paste, File, or URL.
  4. You will see the JSON formatted code in the Output Editor.

How does JSON beautifier work?

JSON beautifier online uses JavaScript code to analyse the JSON code and format the JSON data.

Just Paste your JSON code and click Submit button. This tool does not send code to the server for beautifying.

Example of how does JSON beautifier work?

Original JSON:

{"name":"Alex Babtise","age":28,"email":"alex@example.com","address":{"street":"123 Main Street","city":"Anytown","zip":"789456"}}

Formatted JSON:

{ "name": "Alex Babtise", "age": 28, "email": "alex@example.com", "address": { "street": "123 Main Street", "city": "Anytown", "zip": "789456" } }

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