JSON Tools

A collection of JSON tools that facilitate the creation, manipulation, validation, and analysis of JSON data.

JSON validator & beautifier

Validate JSON content and make it looks good.


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JSON Minifier & Compressor

Minify your JSON by removing all the unnecessary characters.


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JsonPath Evaluator

JSONPath Evaluator is a tool used for querying and extracting data from JSON documents or structures. It provides a flexible and powerful way to navigate and filter JSON data, similar to how XPath is used for XML data.


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JSON Viewer

JSON viewer is a tool that helps you view, interpret, and navigate JSON data in a human-readable and user-friendly format.


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JSON Generator

JSON generator is a tool or program that creates structured data in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format.


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JSON Diff - JSON Compare

JSON diff (short for "JSON difference") is a comparison and analysis technique used to identify the differences between two JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data structures.


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JSON Sorter

JSON sorter is a tool that will help you to sort Keys/Values within a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) object or array in a specific order.


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JSON to String

JSON to String converter is a tool that facilitates the conversion of JSON data into a string format.


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JSON to Text

JSON to text converter is a tool that converts JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data into a human-readable, plain text format.


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Convert JSON code to XML snippets.


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JSON to Java

Convert JSON code to JAVA Class.


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JSON to PHP Array

Convert a valid JSON string to PHP array syntax.


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JSON to C# class

Convert JSON object to C# class.


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Convert JSON object to CSV format.


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JSON to Protobuf

Convert JSON to ProtoBuf Message.


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Convert JSON data into YAML format.


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JSON Tools

JSON tools are online services that facilitate the creation, manipulation, validation, and analysis of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data. JSON is a lightweight data interchange format that is easy for humans to read and write and easy for machines to parse and generate. JSON is commonly used for representing structured data in web development, APIs, and various data exchange scenarios.

Here are some common types of JSON tools:

  1. JSON Parsers and Validators:
    • Tools that parse JSON data and validate its syntax. These tools are essential for ensuring that JSON documents follow the correct format and structure.
  2. JSON Editors:
    • Software applications or online platforms with features tailored for editing and creating JSON documents. JSON editors often provide syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and formatting to make working with JSON easier.
  3. JSON Beautifiers/Minifiers:
    • Tools that format JSON data to make it more readable (beautification) or compress it to reduce file size (minification). Beautifiers add indentation and line breaks for human readability, while minifiers remove unnecessary whitespace.
  4. JSON Schema Validators:
    • Tools that validate JSON data against a specified JSON Schema. JSON Schema is a standard for describing the structure and constraints of JSON documents.
  5. JSON to XML Converters:
    • Tools that convert JSON data into XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format. This can be useful when interoperability with systems that use XML is required.
  6. JSON Query and Transformation Tools:
    • Tools that allow users to query, filter, or transform JSON data. These tools often use query languages or transformation languages like JSONPath or JMESPath.
  7. JSON Diff Tools:
    • Applications that help identify the differences between two JSON documents. JSON diff tools highlight additions, deletions, or modifications in the structure or content of JSON data.
  8. JSON Generators:
    • Tools that assist in generating sample JSON data based on predefined structures or schemas. These generators are useful for testing and development.
  9. JSON Web Token (JWT) Tools:
    • Tools for encoding, decoding, and validating JSON Web Tokens, which are commonly used for authentication and authorization in web applications.
  10. JSON Data Visualization Tools:
    • Applications or libraries that help visualize JSON data in a human-friendly manner. Visualization tools may present JSON data in tree views, tables, or other formats.

These JSON tools collectively aid developers, data engineers, and other professionals in efficiently working with JSON data, whether it's for building APIs, configuring applications, or analyzing data. The choice of tool depends on specific use cases and requirements in a given development or data-related task.

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